The phenomenon of inversion is the darkest question of financial analysis. I would like to say in the very beginning that I have no answer to this question.

So in this class I share with you what I know about this phenomenon.

Inversion's definition

Inversion is the phenomenon when some projection line shows a mirrored/inverted movement, like here:  




The projection line (red) and the price (black) are showing opposite movements. The question is: how to deal with this phenomenon?


"Beware a  Greek bearing gifts"

The most dangerous situation in regards the inversions is the fact that using the idea of inversion we can explain everything in this World. Anybody can invent some technique and produce some projection line stating that only this technique allows him/her to make a lot of money. When the real price does not follow this projection line, it is always possible to explain the discrepancy by inversions.

IMHO the inversion phenomenon exists, though we should use this phenomenon very carefully. Otherwise you will spend much more time explaining the projection line's movement instead of explaining the price itself.


Timing Solution and inversions

As I mentioned above, I do not know the reliable way of dealing with inversions. However, some modules of Timing Solution can get you some help.

Neural Network (NN)  -theoretically  NN should handle the inversion. NN fits to astrological paradigm very well, however in reality I did not get the expected results. 

Phenomena Module  - from my point of view, the inversion appears when something significant happens in the sky. At some moment astro models start working opposite to how they have worked before that. Something has changed in the air. I think the most probable reason of that change in astro climate is the moment when some slow planet ingresses the sign of Zodiac. The ingress changes the status of that planet and astro climate accordingly. 

Remember that this is just an idea, I would use it only as a hint. When you calculate the projection line, run Phenomena module together with that projection line and use "Planetary Positions" in Tropical Zodiac there: 

Use slow planets only (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, sometimes Mars (???)).

This is how Main Screen looks like:

Always pay attention to the moments when planets change the sign of Zodiac (these periods are marked by vertical stripes).

Like here:


After Jupiter's ingress to Aquarius, the model that worked well till that moment does not work anymore. The ingress points do not coincide with turning points, they mostly show the moments when some changes in astro situation occur.   

Committee  - this is another technique that allows to see many possible scenarios together. Check this article

This all what I know about this subject.