If you come across this website looking for something that may enhance your trading or help in making an investment decision, there is a strong chance that you are familiar with some other trading and investing systems. You probably know about thousands and thousands of technical analysis indicators provided by many of these systems. You have seen some other software packages that claim 90% accuracy of stock market forecast. You have heard about things like trend lines, pitchforks, Fibonacci levels, etc. All of these techniques are good, except one significant flaw: they work only inside a trend.

That should be expected as many of these programs deal with the PAST explanation of the price movement and expect that the FUTURE price movement repeats these patterns.

Timing Solution has a different approach to financial markets. It is focused on scientific market forecast.

Welcome to Timing Solution world!

Going beyond Technical Analysis

Timing Solution's main product is a projection line.

Instead of suggesting more technical analysis indicators, Timing Solution does stock market modeling by applying state-of-the-art math methods, our own observations and analysis of knowledge gathered by our predecessors.

We analyze price history of different financial instruments, reveal patterns and cycles that are present there, create market forecast models and test them applying statistics and Walk Forward Analysis. The result is a projection line suitable for trading. Suggested models are based on different techniques, traditional as well as specially designed by our team.

Timing Solution software differs from other software packages in one more way: we implement academic/scientific/mathematical standards for research and verification of the results. These standards are behind all numbers that we provide. The accuracy of our models is less than usually advertised by some vendors. However, each percent is true, and we stand by it.


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