Data feeds in Timing Solution

From Text files, Excel (*.csv) files, Yahoo Financial service, Quandl financial service, Trader Station click here

From e-Signal click here(troubleshooting for e-Signal is here)

Metatrader click here also this video class regarding this subject is available:

Ameri Trade (AT) click here

Timing Solution allows to read the price history from many sources. It is able to read more than 1000s of different text/Excel formats, as well as Metatrader and CSI files. The program reads practically any text formats.

Our general idea is to provide the possibility to read as much as possible from FREE sources. These are some sources used by Timing Solution customers for downloading price history:

The full list of sources is here:

When a new source found that Timing Solution does not read yet, we provide the updates that are able to read the price history downloaded from that source.

More about this subject see here:

- A lot EOD for stocks you can download through Yahoo financial service. They provide very clear data though the last price for stocks appears for next trading day only. Quandl this is a new fast growing company, they pretend to became kind of financial Google and they do that. They provide a lot of financial, economical and other information.

More information about these services you will find here:

also this subject is explained in this video

- you can also download price history and stream real time data using e-Signal service (you should be a subscriber to these service); e-Signal - works perfect, though it is expensive.

- for Forex data, you can use MetaTrader datafeed, it is free mostly (it depends on your broker). It works though not without some problems. If buying Timing Solution you plan to use this datafeed, better check first how this datafeed works. You can check it with Demo version, Demo version is here:

- also there are a lot of other sources that can be used;